• Vicuña Wool - The Most Expensive

    Vicuña Wool - The Most Expensive

    Vicuñas are closely related to llamas and alpacas but are much smaller and have exceptionally fine and soft wool. They are found in the high alpine areas of the...

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  • Italian Tailoring

    Italian Tailoring

    In 1952 at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italian fashion designers showcased a less formal style of tailoring that European men embraced – the Italian cut suit.Over the years the...

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  • Good year welted shoes

    Good year welted shoes

    The Goodyear welt is a method of shoemaking that has been used for centuries and is still widely used today. In 1872 Charles Goodyear Jnr, the son of the...

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  • Loafers


    The origins of the loafer have been disputed by many over the years with more then a few laying claims to being the original creators of the iconic footwear. A...

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  • Seersucker


    Seersucker is a lightweight and breathable fabric, with a distinctive crimped or puckered finish. Its history dates to the British colonial period in India and has since become associated with...

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  • Pitti Uomo

    Pitti Uomo

    Milan Fashion week is well known around the world as one of the most important dates in the fashion world. But before Italian fashion brands such as Prada, Valentino, or...

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  • What is Flannel Fabric?

    What is Flannel Fabric?

    Flannel fabric is a soft, woven textile typically made from wool or cotton. It is known for its fuzzy surface giving it a napped finish. This is achieved through...

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  • Duke of Windsor

    The double Windsor Knot.

    There are many different types of ties knots that you can tie. And one would argue that the most familiar would be the Full Windsor. The Windsor knot...

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  • 3 Small Screen shows that influenced Menswear.

    3 Small Screen shows that influenced Menswear.

    Miami Vice – Ricardo Tubbs & Sunny Crockett’s style was an easy and relaxed look, that suited the location perfectly. Their wardrobe consisted of linens...

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  • Part 1. A guide to buying a Suit  - The ideal Fit

    Part 1. A guide to buying a Suit - The ideal Fit

    There is a lot to consider when purchasing as suit, and if to done correctly a well-made suit is an investment. The 2 most important consideration are fit and...

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  • Every Man should own a Navy Blazer. Here's Why!

    Every Man should own a Navy Blazer. Here's Why!

    The navy blazer is considered an essential garment that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe.  If you haven’t invested in one...

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  • Smoking Jacket

    Smoking Jacket

    During the Crimean war of the 1850s, Turkish tobacco became extremely popular in Britain. The Gentleman of that day would retreat to a smoking room after dinner to...

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