3 Small Screen shows that influenced Menswear.

3 Small Screen shows that influenced Menswear.

  1. Miami Vice – Ricardo Tubbs & Sunny Crockett’s style was an easy and relaxed look, that suited the location perfectly. Their wardrobe consisted of linens in pastels, pleated trousers, and wide shouldered jackets usually worn over a Henley. 
  1. Mad Men – The most stylish character in this show by far is Don Draper. He exudes confidence and commands respect. And his clothing conforms to this persona. His go to power move is the classic American suit, with its strong shoulder line, tapered waist and block colours that emphasize his masculinity. 
  1. Peaky Blinders – Thomas Shelby and Co inspired a generation of fashionistas to embrace 3-piece suits all over again. Clients started to ask for textures in fabrications such as tweed, herringbone, and wool flannels. Accessories such as FOB chains, collar bars and double cuffed shirts all became popular and of course hatters the world over were in high demand.

 Which is your favorite?





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