Duke of Windsor

The double Windsor Knot.

There are many different types of ties knots that you can tie. And one would argue that the most familiar would be the Full Windsor.

The Windsor knot is also known as a Double Windsor to further differentiate its half-Windsor brother.

The name "Windsor" for the tie knot likely comes from the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom. He was known for his stylish and impeccable fashion sense. While the Duke of Windsor was not the inventor of the knot, he popularized it during his time as a fashion icon in the mid-20th century, as he preferred wider knots over the popular four-in-hand knot at the time.

The original Windsor knot was a single knot, but it was later modified to create a thicker and more symmetrical knot. This modification involved wrapping the tie around the neck twice instead of once, resulting in a wider and more substantial knot.

And this knot, is said to be the only Knot that the British Royal air force is permitted to wear when in uniform. I like that tradition.

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