What is Flannel Fabric?

What is Flannel Fabric?

Flannel fabric is a soft, woven textile typically made from wool or cotton. It is known for its fuzzy surface giving it a napped finish. This is achieved through a process called brushing. During brushing, the fabric is mechanically treated to raise the fibres from the base cloth, by passing it under a roller that has fine steel wires with small hooks on the ends. The hooks scrape the surface of the fabric pulling the fibre ends out of the yarn to creates a soft texture to the fabric.

There is however another unique method that has been used by the famous French fabric merchants Dormeuil. Their process employs a push pull method. The fabric is looped into a machine which in turn puts the fabric into a constant push pull motion causing friction against the wool to produce a fine flannel fabric.

The loose weave and napped surface of the flannel textile make them typically warmer than ordinary wool suits. Flannel fabrics retain heat in little air bubbles that form between the long fibres and the wearer. However, Dormeuil offers a range of flannels in their Forever Green and 15-point-7 collection, that are extremely light, crafted with Superfine 160’s wool. This gives the fabric versatility making it a great choice to wear in all seasons, even in warmer months. And the drape on these fabrics is fantastic. 

Flannel has a long history and has been used for centuries to create comfortable and warm textiles. Its popularity endures to this day, with flannel items being a staple in many people's wardrobes and homes. The benefits of using flannel fabrics is that they are low in maintenance, soft and comfortable to wear, long lasting, and they add a distinctive flare to anyone’s wardrobe.


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