Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo

Milan Fashion week is well known around the world as one of the most important dates in the fashion world. But before Italian fashion brands such as Prada, Valentino, or Armani started to display their garments at Milan fashion week, Firenze was the original fashion capital of Italy.

On February 12th, 1952, Giovanni Battista a descendant of a noble family from Lucca, first housed the event at his own Florentine residence, Villa Torrigiani. It was initially called the "First Italian High Fashion Exhibition" and aimed to showcase Italian fashion to an international audience. The official birthdate of Pitti, as it’s been said dates to 1972. The year the event became solely dedicated to men’s fashion. In its early years, Pitti Uomo focused primarily on women's fashion.

For the past 60 years Pitti has been one of the most relevant and important trade fairs for ready to wear fashion. Industry professionals, Fashion houses, vintage ateliers alike flock to this biannual event every year over four days in June, and four days in January. The event is wonderful for business’s large and small to build relationships and to procure product for their businesses. And of course, to showcase their individual style and be seen on the "Great Wall" of Pitti.

As business owner and a lover of fashion for over 20 years, this industry is more than just clothes and bits of material. Like myself, and those who are truly afflicted, it’s a way of life. Harboring a passion that constantly pushes you to produce and serve clients to the highest level. It continuously inspires us to push boundaries, search and explore ways to create not clothes, but art.


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