Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket

During the Crimean war of the 1850s, Turkish tobacco became extremely popular in Britain. The Gentleman of that day would retreat to a smoking room after dinner to indulge in the now popular eastern delight. And to protect his fine clothing from the smoke and falling ash, the smoking jacket was designed.

As its popularity grew it evolved with more opulent designs and the use of luxurious fabrics . A Shawl collar was introduced as well as turned up cuffs for a more formal look. The "Gentleman's Magazine of London" referred to the smoking jacket as a “kind or short robe de Chambre” as it would often be made from velvet, cashmere, plush, and printed flannel. And is usually adorned with oversize ornate buttons.
The smoking jacket remained popular into the 20th century, synonymous with comfort and luxury, however by the 1950’s its popularity declined.

It was still favoured by some high-profile celebrities such Carey Grant, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra & Playboy Mogul Hugh Hefner. Morbid fact, Fred Astaire loved wearing his smoking jackets so much so, that when he died, he was buried in one.

What do you guys think, should we bring it back?



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