How to Take care of your suit | Suit care 101

How to Take care of your suit | Suit care 101

If you are a suit wearer, and a wearer of men’s apparel then this article is for you. We are talking about suit  and garment care today. Most of us guys after we get home, we get changed and its either left unattended somewhere, and or hung incorrectly in our wardrobe. 

Upon your purchase your retailer should give you a brief rundown on how to correctly take care of your suit, so in todays guide we will show you just how you can care for your suit of amour.

Brush your suit Frequently

Pockets, lapels and shoulders, should be brushed frequently to remove dirt. Get yourself a lint roller, or a lint brush. This will ensure your garments are dust free. It’s an inexpensive purchase to make. So don’t forget to buy one.

Stains or Marks

Stains should be blotted not rubbed immediately.   Use cold water with no detergent. Don’t use soap. If you use soap depending on the fabric, it can cause blotching after drying.


Creased garments recover well in a humid environment. Hang them somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom while showering, or spray them lightly with water. Also, a squirt of steam with your iron on the areas that are creased will work also.

Rest your Suits

This might sound funny but after use, allow your suit to rest; wearing the same suit for more than 2 days in row can cause damage your garment and ruin the fibers. So it always a good idea to rotate. And it can get a little smelly too.

Hang your suit correctly

Gentleman, this should be mentioned, but To maintain the shape of your suit always hang your jacket on an appropriate hanger, narrow hangers won’t do, and no wire hangers. Please,  A hanger that supports the shoulders is necessary. Always hang your trousers vertically in line with the press pleat. Not doing so will create another crease and will leave your trouser looking confused and ugly.

Don’t overuse your pockets:

Big and bulky items such as wallets and keys can do damage to your suit. Avoid placing items in your pockets, this will cause strain on the seam work and will risk the integrity of you garment.

Avoid Stress on the seam work:

Unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down to avoid pulling and strain on the seam work.


Store your suit in a breathable garment bag for protection. If you live in a humid area, or in an apartment, not doing so will cause mould build up on your garments.

Dry cleaning

Have your suit dry cleaned at least once a season, yes, not every time you wear it. 3 – 4 times a year. MAX. If it is moist from a long day of work, let it air dry. Excessive dry cleaning can reduce the life span of your suit. Lower quality garments such as fused suits may start to bubble after just one dry clean.

And lastly a little side note, Half canvas and full canvas suits will yield a longer life span. And always buy pure wool.  The will last longer. And its much nicer too.

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