How to style White Trousers

How to style White Trousers

Spring or summer, any time the weather warms up, the first thing that comes to mind is, what am I going to wear? Well, I say that every season, but summer can sometimes for some, be a tricky one to style and put a few looks together. For myself, I have a lighter complexion, so it can be difficult to add some color with certain outfits.

As for white trousers, shorts, and or chinos may be a go to staple in some parts of the Europe and the world, but here down under, it isn’t as common as one might think.

In fact, I truly believe that white as a color tone, or even an off white trouser is easier to style then we might think. And for some gents it can be intimidating, so in today’s video we are going to show you 8 potential outfit ideas to wear with White trousers and or chinos, and hopefully inspire a few guys out there to try out some outfit ideas of their own.


Here's a quick video on how to style what trousers.



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