10 tips to consider if you are going to a Black tie Event.

10 tips to consider if you are going to a Black tie Event.

10 Menswear tips to consider if you are going in Black Tie.

  1. Dress code: Whenever you receive an invitation, or are invited to a Black-tie event, you will need to dress accordingly. This means arriving in any suit that has satin detailing. Black tie does not mean you arrive to the event wearing a suit with a black tie or a plain black suit. You might, however, want to consider a navy or even a velvet tuxedo jacket.
  2. Silk Trimmings: Here, there can be no compromise. A true tuxedo needs to feature silk accents, usually on the face of the lapel, pocket jets and buttons.
  3. No Belt on your trousers: The traditional tuxedo trouser had either side adjusters or a plain finished waistband. Many modern dinner suits are now sold with trousers that feature belt loops and some would say this is big fashion faux pas.
  4. Tuxedo Shirt. Pleated front or a Marcel front shirt, a wing collar shirt, all which have back buttons. However, is these styles aren’t for you, you can most definitely and plain white cotton shirt with black buttons.
  5. Tie Your Own: Nothing looks as good as a self-tie bow tie or as authentic. And there is something satisfying knowing you have tied it yourself. Most pre-tied bow ties are too perfect in their symmetry and have almost no character. There are many types of self tie bow ties out there so find one that suits your personality.
  6. Custom Made: Tuxedos have an enduring appeal that never goes out of style. Consider making an investment by having your tuxedo custom-made to give you a perfect fit and an individual style.
  7. Accessories: The little details can make a big difference. An elegantly folded pocket square, silk cummerbund, cufflinks and stud sets are all ways to add your own individual touches to your ensemble.
  8. Layering: The dramatic reveal when you unbutton your jacket. Waistcoats with subtle texture, in classic colours, are another way to add some individual flare to your tuxedo outfit. Alternatively, silk braces with leather strapping add a sophisticated vintage vibe.
  9. Patent Leather or suede: Now this one comes to individual preference. The isn’t really a rule here, any classic oxford style shoe, or loafer will be suffice.
  10. Colour, Textures and Patterns: Today’s gentlemen are spoiled for choice. No longer does a dinner suit need to be plain and boring. The term “penguin Suit” should no longer apply. Add drama and flair by choosing patterns or textures to your tuxedo. Velvet, jacquards or contrasting colour blazers are all popular choices.


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