Black Tie for Men

Black tie dress code.

Black Tie functions are very popular and especially for weddings, as it is a classic look that has endured for many decades. Most people assume that the Black-tie dress code to be the most formal of dress codes, however this is incorrect. That title would belong to the white-tie dress code.

Black Tie is now more common as it is a more relaxed version of formal attire. Black-tie is defined as a semi formal dress code to be worn at evening events, dinner parties, balls and weddings. There are a few key elements that consist of a proper black-tie outfit. Let’s explore those elements to ensure that your ensemble is on point when you attend your next black-tie function.

A black-tie outfit consists of a Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket for men. This is a jacket that has satin or silk detailing on it, usually on the lapels and pockets. The colour doesn't need to be black, however this will depend on the function and any specific requests from the hosts. In some instances, you may be able to arrive looking a little more flamboyantly. Most common is black, however off-white jackets dark navy and velvet jackets are also options.

A traditional dinner shirt should preferably be white with black studded buttons or a fly front. French Cuff over single cuff for the added formality, and the options of plain front, pleated bib or Marcella. The black bow tie options is best here and learning to tie one over the pre-tied options will ensure an authentic look that will be noticed by the connoisseur. The alternative to the bow tie is a long black tie or cravat.

The trousers should match the jacket or be black if you are wearing a contrasting jacket. A proper dinner suit trouser should not be worn with a belt. Adjustable waistbands are common and for a vintage look braces or suspenders. It is also common to feature a silk braid down the trouser leg however this will come down to personal preference.

When it comes to footwear, a plain pair of Oxfords would work fine but if you want to make an impression a pair of black patent leather shoes or loafers would be perfect.

The accessories will ensure a finished and complete look. The addition of a cummerbund or a waistcoat will give your outfit depth and added detail. Also consider a silk Pochette and a smart pair of cufflinks.

In conclusion, the black-tie dress code is a classic and elegant attire that is perfect for formal evening events. By understanding the key components of a black-tie ensemble and properly caring for your attire, you can ensure that you look your best at your next black-tie event.


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