White Tie Dress for Men

White tie dress code?

The white tie dress code has been around for centuries. It evolved during the mid 19th century during the time of World War 1. This formal dress code had started to become less desirable as the modern world started to develop.  And a more informal look was born, the black tie dress code.

Traditionally, white tie was worn at events such as Royal functions, or ceremonies, Formal weddings and other such functions. It was and still is the most formal of dress codes. 

Men would need to wear and black coat with tails, white waistcoat and white bowtie. Traditionally a Marcella fabric type for both the waistcoat and bow tie. Trousers to be black and or grey stripe, and the shoes would need to be a patent leather. 

In todays social climate, white tie can be a little more lenient on gentlemen. Men can add a little color to the look. Not recommended if you are a traditionalist. We suggest to stick with the traditional format. 

There are not many weddings today that would choose a white tie dress code. However, there is a sense of occasion wearing such an outfit to a glamourous function. Sadly, it isn't the 1940's,  

As dress codes these days are said to be more relaxed, the current dress code for weddings is the black tie dress code. Still quite formal, yet relaxed enough to not feel like your meeting royalty. 

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