Zignone Navy Jacquard Jacket

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Made in Europe

100% Worsted Europan and English Wools.

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The fabrics of Zignone dress those who love to wear garments sporting an updated look. When designing them they are inspired by new ideas and the opportunities provided by materials and technological advances. 

The Event line of fabrics is designed for formal events and special occasions. Through its collections, the wool mill expresses the best of the Italian textile heritage while renewing the tradition of formal dressing.

Made in the European Union (EU)

This garment is made using the highest qaulity tailoring procesess.

Ready to wear collection

A staple jacket is paramount for any occasion. Using only the finest fabrics from around the world with Neapolitan design lines, Wheather your're attending a classic event, or wanting to stand out, you'll find something for all event types in our newly curated capsual collection.