Buy Premium Quality Men’s Hankies Online

When you are looking to buy quality hankies online in Melbourne, Formal Red has you covered. We offer a range of modern hankies for the modern gentleman. Whether you are getting ready for your wedding, a big business event or a regal party, a quality handkerchief is an important addition to your attire.

Stylish in design, they are a fantastic addition to your accessories drawer and can be used as a pocket square or pocket handkerchief. Our men’s hankies are available in an array of fabrics, prints and colours. From vibrant to neutral and plenty of patterns to go with, you will find them all at Formal Red.

Men’s Hankies – A Must-Have Accessory

Combining the best of old school charm and modern style, our handkerchiefs are ideal for formal events or your wedding day. Soft, stylish and elegant, our hankies for men are a must-have accessory. Take your look to the next level with a stylish handkerchief. It’s a classy way to add a dash of personality to your attire.

Our stunning hankies for men are the ideal accessory for busy gentlemen on the go. They are beautiful, practical, handy and fashionable. Pick one of our stunning satin pocket squares and complete your look.

At Formal Red, we offer an array of hankies for men in an array of styles and colours. We stock everything from striped and checked to paisley, dotted and even novelty pocket squares. We also offer a range of checked bow tie and handkerchief sets crafted from 100% silk.

Choose the Right Pocket Square Hankie

Every man knows the importance of choosing the right tie. However, very few men stop to think about the importance of a stylish and elegant pocket square. When chosen well, a hankie can pull together the individual pieces of an ensemble. They are very easy to wear as well, especially if you know how to match colours.

If you don’t know how to fold a pocket square, follow these instructions carefully:

Lay the handkerchief flat on any surface such as a table or a chair.

Now, bring the left side on to the right side. Similarly, bring the bottom to the top. However, don’t fold it all the way. Now, fold the fabric horizontally in thirds to ensure it fits perfectly in your suit pocket.

You’re all set to wear your pocket handkerchief.

A hanky is one of the simplest ways to add a touch of style to your attire. Try one of our exclusive designer handkerchiefs today and you’re going to thank yourself you did.